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A Guide to Buying Military Challenge Coins

You will find many different military challenge coins today which have been given to soldiers from different branches of the military. One type of these military challenge coins are given to solders upon graduation from training from all branches of the military including the Army, the Navy, the Armed Forces and the Marines. Receiving a military challenge coin is an honor that they share. The military challenge coins that soldiers receive upon graduation are simple challenge coins without much trimmings unlike the ones that are being sold today which are special in their own way. These basic coins simply signify that they have finished basic military training.

There are many types of metals used for military challenge coins. Military challenge coins can be bronze, gold-plated, or silver. Precious metals are used for crafting specialty challenge coins which are custom made for special achievements. When a solider dies in combat, his family is given a special custom-made memory coin crafted using precious metal.

Many types of military coins can be purchased even by non-military individuals. Some examples of Army challenge coins include the Road Warrior coin, Iraqi Freedom coin, Best by Performance coin, the Military Intelligence Battalion coins and many more.

The Air Force also has their own challenge coins. These coins are given for appreciation and performance. Special operations coins, commander’s excellence coins for missions accomplished, air national guards’ coins and more are some types of Air Force challenge coins. You can find these coins in many different shapes, some of which are even made in the shape of an eagle.

There are also challenge coins given to the Marines. The coins are given for various missions accomplished like target acquisition coins. There are coins that signify what company the Marine was in, combat logistic coins, and coins commemorating the birthday of the Marine Corp.

The Navy coins are another type of military challenge coin. They are distinguished by the emblems they are embellished with like honor, courage, and commitment. Examples of Navy challenge coins include the Texas challenge coin which shows a star within a circle, the Navy Seal coin and other types of Navy coins. These are really just a small portion of the many other challenge coins that you can find today.

Many different types of military challenge coins can be found today. If you are lucky, you can also find very rare ones going around. One of the rarest challenge coins is the Bull Dog coin. The B-52 gunner which is no longer existing today were the recipients of this rare coin. You will have a real find if you find these rare coins and it will be the pride of the collector.

True military challenge coins haves special meaning and reasons for being made.

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