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Tips for Writing Fight Scenes

Fight scenes need to be constructed in the right manner and in the right way. The notion of writing what you know might jeopardize the entire fighting scene on your story. As a matter of facts, it’s through constructing and writing a well detailed and arranged fight scene that you propel your story. It is where the fights are purposeless that you create a story that is noisy and somehow deadening. This article lays some fundamental facts for you to embrace which will enable you write fight scenes that are indispensable.

First, it deems fit that you write a fight scene that serves or showcases a specific narration. In other words, you need to understand the main purpose of the fight scene before writing it and how it will ultimately help your story. There are instances where fight scenes serve the purpose of revealing a character. There are other instances where these fights are a source of motivation to either the antagonist or the protagonist in the story. It is only through understanding the purpose of the scenes that you get to incorporate them in the story. Basically, ensure to examine and do your assessments and confirm whether your story will also be complete where you remove the fight scene. If your story makes sense even without the scene, then the fight seconds are irrelevant.

Secondly, there is need to acknowledge that fight scenes should always be about character and emotions. It is only where you fail to be keen on details about the characters tat your fight scenes get noisy. It deems fit to enable the readers understand and acknowledge the fighters or the characters first. The idea and notion of starting a story with a fight creates noise rather than a punch or flow. therefore, you should capitalize on laying a reliable foundation for the readers to understand who the characters are and their emotions.

There is need to think camera tricks when writing fight scenes. Basically, there is need to keep your reader motivated to read more and more. you need to acknowledge and capitalize on your story’s or rather fight scene’s point of view. Rely on camera techniques and angles to write a fight scene that is enticing and not boring. Thus, the scene should be capitalized on distance, time and perception.

Finally, you should always avoid cheating on your fight scenes. Do not cheat in your fight scenes and ensure to have thorough information through researching. Research widely and immensely and ensure that you stick through the character you portrayed and the point of view you created for the whole story. here is need to be clear about the character and the story line especially where you have created a character who understands how to fight. therefore, ensure to have thorough understanding about how real guns are used and even info about fights through researching.

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