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Why Give Her a Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring?

Finally the day has come that you would ask your special lady to marry you, then you should be prepared to give her the perfect engagement ring that you can get. If you check out jewelry stores, you will find a great number of engagement rings that you can choose from and these all vary in colors, cuts, styles, and sizes. If you are someone who does not really buy jewelry for women, then you will end up confused in a jewelry store with such a wide ranger of selection of engagement rings.

What you need to do is to look for tips in buying the perfect engagement ring or ask someone who has done this before to help you out so that if she receives the ring, it will be easier for her to say yes to your proposal.

One tip that you should remember is that the cut of the diamond is more important than its color. You can choose a great color of diamond but don’t waste your time on this since there is something more important. It is your personal preference what color of the diamond to choose. Deciding on the diamond cut is more important.

A princess cut diamond engagement ring is a very popular diamond cut for your engagement ring. This cut is something that is relatively new to diamond cuts and is considered as the most important new cut for diamonds.

You get a square shaped diamond in a princess cut diamond engagement ring. One application of princess cut diamonds is in eternity rings. These square diamonds can be set in a continuous line without any gaps in between.

Princess cut diamond engagement rings stand out more if it uses a large diamond. If you try putting two diamond engagement rings side by side – one a round cut diamond engagement ring and the other a princess cut diamond engagement ring – both of which have the same carat weight, you will soon visually see how the princess cut diamond rings stand out more than the round cut one.

Make careful consideration of the kind of diamond engagement ring you will give to your girlfriend. Think about the advantages of getting a princess cut diamond engagement ring for her. If you know your girlfriend well, you would be able to know if the princess cut engagement ring is for her. Before going to the jewelry store to buy engagement ring, make sure that she would really like to receive a princess cut diamond engagement ring or any other cut of diamond engagement ring. Just think that this is a vey special moment in both your lives so you need to make sure that this moment is special and so is the ring that you will pout in your lady’s finger.

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