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Factors to Consider When Writing an Author Bio

An author can be basically be described as a person who is the creator of any original written content. Many authors have written many different books present in the market. For an author to write a book there are various reasons that may lead to them in coming up with the original idea. A market niche is created in the market due to the overwhelming increase in the number of readers in the market. The increased demand for books has brought the concern to authors to write more books. The authors should include their biography in their books either as a part or as a whole. In most cases these biographies are found on the first pages of the book and some are found on the last pages. The author should strive to write a good bio so as to give a good impression of them to the readers. The steps to follow in writing a good author bio are here, therefore, you should check it out!

It is good for the author to some time brag a little on their bio. In this the authors can state their greatest achievements in writing which can motivate the reader’s life. The author should not put in unrealistic information on the biography even though it allows some bragging.

The author should avoid using the first and second person pronoun in their biography. Using the third person pronoun makes the reader visualize as if the author’s bio is being read to them by another person. This makes the bio look more appealing and more fun to read as there are some cases where the readers find the biographies too boring.

The awards achieved by the author in their writing career should be highlighted. The should be real and not a shun. The should only include the awards related to their writing careers. The reader can view the bio as interesting as they will be impressed by the prowess of the author based on the awards they have gotten.

A photo of the author should be included and should be of high quality. It creates much relevance to the bio as the reader will know who the bio is about. A good photographer should be hired to take a good quality photo.

This distinguishes this part from the rest of the bio. This part should always be parenthesized.

It is important to also note that the bio should not stagnate for a certain period of time. The bio should be according to the present life achievement of the author.

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