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Things You Should Know About Rosin Press Extraction Process

The extraction of rosin is an innovation that has been discovered lately. There is a guide that must be observed by people who do rosin extraction. A number of elements will affect the output of the process. The elements must be kept in the right range. It is essential that you know the impact caused by the factors. The process of extracting rosin is carried out through two methods. Both of them are press strategies. Some people will use heat press and others will go for cold press. When you choice one of the two options you will still get rosin. Little heat is necessary in cold extraction. Seeds are ground to create what is known as a paste. Pressure is used when oil is being separated from the paste.
A big number of people has the notion that cold extraction only applies pressure. You will also need to apply heat. The heat you will need is at the lowest level. Extracting rosin without heat will be hard if not impossible. It will increase the pressure which will in turn push all the oil through.In cold press, the amount of oil produced is not much while the quality is the best.

The regulation of this procedure will differ from one country to another. All extractors should be conversant with these laws just to be on the safe side. Most of the laws will demand the producer to get a certification for the process. It will be an offence to continue obtaining rosin if you have not gotten the certification. Some of the laws will tell you the temperature you should operate within. Anything above that limit can get you into a big problem.

If you are living in Europe you must follow these laws because they are very clear on the subject.In the US such laws are not applicable. You have the freedom to extract your rosin and will bear the responsibility in case something goes wrong. When you use heat press, heat is used in the process. Hot water will be added to the paste to produce heat in the mixture. A heater can work instead of water. Some people will use gas while others will use electric heaters. Heat press is commonly preferred by people who want to produce a lot of rosin. Some people believe that the quality is not that high. Heat can damage the original product. The rosin produced through this method is very pure since it is passed through the filter bags.

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