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Making profits is the ultimate end goal of all business that are in operation. The level of profits generated is greatly dependent on the amount of sales that the business is able to make, a component that has to do with the customer base that the company has. The way to increase the number of customer is by engaging in appropriate marketing strategies. Since most people now have an online presence, they can be reached by means of digital marketing.

The most common type of digital marketing in the past involved sending of emails to a lot of people or having pop up advertising that would come up on one’s devices in their course of using them. Due to the abundance of these emails which the recipients did not want, and their very nature of disturbing them, most emails were not read and this led to negative marketing to the companies. Calling prospective customers randomly, like mass emails, yielded equally poor results. The issue that made most of this approaches was that they reached out to customers hoping to make a sale, and these strategies when development led to inbound marketing which bore the desired results.

This of marketing uses the approach where the companies put information of their services or product strategically allowing the customers to come across in the course of doing other things and if interest reach out to the company to make a purchase. The business need to work on the means by which the prospective customer learns about their products. The major strategies used involve Search Engine Optimization and content marketing. The principle behind optimization sis that websites with these key words appear among the first searches which is what the customers look through, which mean that the companies need to choose the words which get searched the most and which have a correlation to their products. the most logical thing that customers do is to proceed to the sites which appeared first, which makes them learn about the existence of this particular company’s products or services.

It is also possible to use social media as a marketing channel. This method would require the business to open up social media accounts with all the different types available. They achieve the objective of letting these prospective customers aware of their products by posting about their products and then engaging the interested customers in meaningful interaction which are likely to end up in sales. Email marketing works more like mass marketing with the exception of the fact that the customers are expected to subscribe to these emails and hence only the interested customers receive them. This improved email marketing allows the prospective customers to subscribe to these mailing which means that they only get the emails they want, and in this way can learn about the recent developments of products of interest.

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